Our vision is to provide excellent design and installation services. Projects that bring joy to our client’s homes and surpass their expectations. We achieve this by using excellent quality materials, the selective use of quality trades, and with honesty and integrity. We are experienced and disciplined and harbor an ongoing passion to deliver quality, timely and profitable projects. 


To create, supply, and build dynamic spaces that are as unique as the client while lifting our employees and community.  


Every project that is signed with Proven, contributes to the good of the community. We are dedicated to helping those in need of home improvement projects that are otherwise financially unable and in need of repair. "Home” is our safe place and where our families gather. Proven is passionate about making homes safe for those in need and keeping the safety and joy in everyone's home. We donate our time and our materials to those that would otherwise be unable, because a safe home shouldn’t be a struggle.


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When making an investment in a renovation, the key is to look toward the future. You do not have to have a commercial look when designing for accessibility. We will prep your space as needed. We can simply add blocking to shower walls for ease of future grab bar installation, we can install barrier free showers that are curb-less, we can design custom vanities to accommodate a chair or a wheel chair. We cater kitchen design for you and open spaces for full access. We also design and implement for any need.  

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